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Explaining Suicide in a Celebrity Nutshell

It is difficult to understand what goes on inside a person’s head.  It is even more difficult to understand the path that has lead a person to believe suicide is the only option. Having been in some incredibly dark places … Continue reading

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WOW! Does the craziness ever stop?

I have not posted because it’s been a very busy few weeks. Sad news is, fundraising isn’t going as well for me as I have seen it for other people.  I’ve been called “selfish” for asking people for money, others … Continue reading

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A First Time for Anything and Everything

I’m old.  The memory isn’t quite what it used to be.  I am still sharp as a tack though! I remember my first love.  I met him when I was 13 but never got involved with him until a few … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is a state of mind.  For humans, it’s about the symmetrical perspective.  (California sun)  (one of my favourite beauties!  Photo courtesy of K.R.) (Oceanside, CA) (These 5 photos were taken in the Black Hills of South Dakota.) (View from the … Continue reading

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