My Mission Today…

…Should I choose to accept it…  Wait.  I have to accept it.  It’s MY mission.  I have no choice here.  Honestly, I do have a choice; however, I choose to make a plan of action for today.  I digress.

My Mission for today is as follows:

1.  Not use any sweetener for My Morning Mate.  Or for anything else I eat today for that matter.

2.  Clean the house completely.

3.  Watch more episodes of Doctor Who and study Jenny Flint’s voice and mannerisms (I’m going to Gallifrey Day at Disneyland as Jenny Flint. Although she is technically Madame Vastra’s wife, she will be accompanied by the 8th Doctor and Master.)

4.  Go to TeeFury and exchange my shirt.

5.  Do my grocery shopping.

6.  Run for an hour then do T25 Lower Focus. (I’m so glad I have the day off!  Legs are going to kill me!)

7.  Drink nearly a gallon of water.  I’m dehydrated and can feel it.

8.  Make arrangements to talk to my cutiepie niece on Sunday.

9.  Take the dogs for a walk.

10.  Go to the post office.

There.  That should keep me busy for a while.  I have a couple of blog thoughts swirling in my head.  Hopefully if I get my list accomplished, I’ll sit and write.  Until then, toodles!

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