Progress: Day 3

On day 1, I tipped the scale at 198.2.  I really tried hard not to step on the scale Tuesday or today, but I did and it looks like I’ve lost about 4lbs.  I’m not complaining at all but I’m going to hold off on the scale until Saturday.  Maybe I’ll hit 190.  It can only go down from here, right?

My eating has been pretty good.  I did have a couple of cheats but I limited myself to 1 treat.  I keep reminding myself that what I’m doing will be worth it in the end.  10lbs is nothing in the big picture of my goals.  I can only do it one day at a time.  Each day has its successes too.

Things I’ve been eating are deviled eggs, turkey & cheese sandwiches, street tacos, foil baked chicken, and smoothies.  Please ask if you want a recipe or need more food ideas.

Exercise is on par for the course.  I’ve been doing 2 workouts per day, sometimes back to back.  Monday and today, I did my R4FL and T25.  Yesterday, I did a walk and T25.  The only issue I have with T25 is some of the exercises cause me to put pressure on my wrists and it hurts like Hades.

As of right now, I have this.  I’m in control and my body can do what I will my mind to.  WHOA!  That’s a good mantra!  Save that!  LOL  I did push my run a bit today.  I had to tell myself that my lungs didn’t hurt, that my mind was weak but my body is not.  (SAVE THAT TOO!)  I’ve come a long ways to go back to the 200’s or even 300’s.  I NEVER want to see 300 ever again.  In fact, I never want to see 200.

My goals are so important to me that everything else is taking a backseat to my happiness.  The scale doesn’t even show my value as a human being.  BUT, I am doing this for me.  For my health.  For my life.  That is where my value lies.

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3 Responses to Progress: Day 3

  1. toodles103 says:

    I love this!!! I am currently in the thick of this. I have tipped the scale at 190 :(. My heaviest ever. I started Piyo about 2 weeks ago and LOVE it! I am trying shakeology and better eating as well, but the weight is hanging on :(. It will come–I am just trying to hang in there! 🙂

  2. toodles103 says:

    How goes this?! I am still stuck–but I have managed to up my water intake substantially so hopefully that will help! I am also doing couch-to-5K to train for an upcoming race and get some different exercise in!

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