I like lists.  I typically have about 3 or 4 going at once.  It’s nuts.  Most of them are grocery or to-do lists.  Heck, I have a list of every DVD I own.  It’s not a bad thing; it’s just part of my OCD nature.  I haven’t let it get too extreme though (yet).  I have a feeling that it will get very obsessive eventually.

Currently, I have a list of house cleaning that I want to accomplish this weekend while my husband is visiting his mom.  Don’t laugh, it’s the only time my house will be spotless for a few short hours.  But it will get done (hopefully).  My house isn’t a complete disaster; it just needs to be better and the crap needs to be disposed of (mostly magazines and random mail).  I don’t have the energy to clean the house when I get home from work at 10pm.

I also have a list of a project that I’ve been toying with for some time now.  Details to come later on that.  It’s in a “hush” status right now.

Now, my third list contains music.  Whenever I hear a song I like at work, I add it to a list of music that I want to download eventually.  I don’t buy CDs anymore; it just isn’t worth it anymore to accumulate physical items.  I don’t have the storage space for more things as it is.  Same goes for books.  I have a list of those going too.  I’m a bit of a voracious reader (hey, Rob!  I finally used “voracious” correctly!)

Today’s list looks more like a schedule!  Wake up, workout, take care of special customer at TMW, come home and shower etc., and then actually go to work.

Yes, my love of lists in a nutshell.

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