The Good Diet

After a week in Vegas, it’s time to get back on track with food.  I ate and drank myself into some really tight pants.  I feel like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man and I have more rolls than Sara Lee right now.  Although I never achieved complete inebriation (not a feat I was attempting!), I did drink enough to lose some of my senses.  I also found myself at a couple of buffets and consuming a lot of bad carbs.  Eh, it was my birthday week!

Now, I promised myself that I would get my crap together and fix my food issues.  It’s starting right now.  No, not tomorrow.  No, not next week.  RIGHT NOW.

The deal is to go to a mostly vegetarian diet.  When I do have meat (chicken or beef – I’m allergic to seafood and soy), I want to make sure it’s “hormone-free”.  I’m trying 100% grass-fed ground beef for the first time tonight.  How do I know it’s 100% grass fed?  I am under the impression that the FDA regulates the labels on the meat grocery stores sell. (I bought it at Sprouts.)  At least the label says it’s “100% Grass Fed”.

Tonight’s dinner is spaghetti squash with meaty spaghetti sauce and a summer ribbon salad.  The salad is a cantaloupe, zucchini, and prosciutto with a mustardy-wine vinegar dressing.

photo (6)


It is delicious!  I sampled!  I always sample the new recipes I make otherwise how else would I know if it tastes good?  I’d never want to serve someone a bad dish!

My good diet will consist of no sugar of any sort, except Stevia, no breads/pastas/rices, and nothing artificial.  I want to focus on how I feel rather than what a stupid scale says.  I also want to not have to buy any new clothes for at least a year.  My new financial plan doesn’t make allowances for retail therapy.

My goal is to look good at my sweet friend’s wedding!  It’s less than 90 days away!

Failure is not an option.  The only goal to have is the one where you get up every time you fall.

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