What kind of stranger are you?

It took me a moment to remember the last time anyone was kind to me.

I was at the gas station getting something to drink for a coworker and myself.  I opened my wallet and realized that I had left my debit card on the table at home!  Duh, I knew better.  I was disappointed at the prospect of leaving without at least my coworker’s drink.  I had also left my lunch at home so no money meant leaving without a snack. (I have since learned from this incident!)  A man who was waiting for his friend, stepped up and handed the cashier $3.  “This should be enough,” he said, “it’s all I have left from my lunch.”  I was floored.

Very rarely are people this generous.  I thanked the man.  His parting words to me were, “Thank Jesus.  It’s His money.”

Today’s post brought to you by the Daily Prompt and the letter, “G”.

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14 Responses to What kind of stranger are you?

  1. I don’t find that people are rarely kind. I think it’s the opposite. I have done exactly as this man. I’m a firm believer you get out of life what you put in.

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  5. Chelle says:

    wow this rarely happens! Such a kind-hearted man!

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