Pregnancy Guaranteed!

As I have gotten older, I’ve learned that there are no guarantees in life.  I was reminded of this when a friend mentioned that so many couple take pregnancy for granted.  When you’re young, the assumption is that pregnancy comes easily for everyone and that you can wait until you’re much older to have children.

Even in my 20’s, pregnancy was never guaranteed.  It wasn’t even promised.  I often heard, “You’ll have a baby one of these days!” or “Just wait until you’re older and more experienced for babies” or “Why don’t you have kids yet?”  Yes, life doesn’t work that way for everyone.  The majority of these things were told to me by women who had kids or were pregnant.  They just assume that by having lots of sex, I’ll automatically get pregnant.  Can we just laugh at that notion?  Ok, time for a TMI moment.  My husband and I spent an entire year having sex every other day (daily isn’t the best) and I still did not get pregnant.  There are no babies in this house (yet!).

This infertile situation has forced us to seek modern medicine in our journey to conceive a child.  While I would much rather prefer it happen naturally due to costs, my body is broken for unknown reasons.  That is extremely frustrating.  I’ve got friends who have multiple children and all I can think is “WTH is wrong with me?”

Sadly, there is nothing “wrong” with me.

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One Response to Pregnancy Guaranteed!

  1. Heather says:

    Infertility is such an ugly thing. I remember having sex before marriage terrified that I’d get pregnant. And then for 2 years when we actually wanted a baby, nothing. Funny, if I only knew! I swore it was my punishment but that’s not really how those things work. PCOS is what they called it. I’m still pretty confused at exactly what that means or why I had it all that time and then all the sudden just didn’t.

    Anyway, thoughts to you on this next part of your journey.

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