Doctors here, Doctors there, Doctors everywhere!

I am beginning to see God’s hand in our decision to pursue IVF.

With a sense of dread after being turned down for a loan, I emailed my coordinator and told her we might have to postpone treatments until I can get more saved.  She called me about 10 minutes after I sent the email.  We talked for a bit about what is going on financially and I could feel my eyes welling up.  I held back after Kim explained that Dr. F was going to call me.

Dr. F called me a few hours later.  She is insisting we proceed with treatments despite the inability to pay in full.  She also told me there is a program her company (not sure if I should call it that) called “Compassionate Care”.  This program is designed to help people pay for infertility treatments.  They help cover some of the costs.  Also, Dr. F said if we come close but cannot come up with the money in full, she will discount the costs.


The dam broke.  I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I still want to raise as much money as possible to go along with my savings.  Please help us out if you can!

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