Would You Help?

My sweet friend Hannah has set up a jewelry bar to help L and I raise funds to achieve our dreams!

All my life I have dreamed of being a mother.  This is our final chance to make those dreams come true.  I have a lot against me, with age being a huge factor (chances of conception decrease each year after a woman turns 35 – I’m 41).  A new doctor and clinic has given me hope that I can achieve motherhood with IVF.  I presented the costs in a previous blog but now I’m hoping others are willing to help me.

I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched my friends have babies.  My brother and cousins have all become parents.  I would love nothing more than to be a mom.  I’m not even sure I can completely and comprehensively express my desire to be a mother.   I want to go into my child’s bedroom at night and soothe him/her when they have a bad dream.  I want to comfort my child when they are sick.  I want to feel that pride when my child overcomes a challenge in their life.  I want to teach my child about the good that can be found in the world and how to handle the bad.

Would you help me achieve my dreams?

Please help make my dreams a reality! (<– Click there!)


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