An Open Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

During the your first term as President of the great nation in which I reside, I had high hopes for you.  I had hopes that you would be one of the first national leaders to actually fulfill the promises spoken during your campaign.  I had hopes that a beneficial, national health plan would be in place.  I had hopes that those living in poverty, close to poverty, or struggling to achieve the American dream would actually be able to live modestly.

I truly had hope for our country.

Now I feel like I’m living in a used well.  You see, Mr. President, you were elected to your position by the very same people you are destroying.  I’m angry because my hopes have been destroyed.  The average American is not wealthy by any means; instead, that person is struggling to make ends meet.  Many Americans are employed but live paycheck-to-paycheck.  Many have high amounts of debts for the simple reason of taking care of their families.  I am one of those people because of my choices.  I have a tremendous amount of debt due to getting an education.  I accept responsibility for my debts.  I chose to go to school and not depend upon others to help me through achieving my dreams.  Unfortunately, my education did not guarantee me the job of my dreams.  I am perfectly fine with that.  I have not one, but two decent jobs that I enjoy immensely.  I’m happy with my employment and completely grateful to even have a job.

What I’m not happy with is how the cost of living has increased with no reprieve for the working class.  Sure, tax breaks are fine and dandy, but they do nothing to help those who are working extremely hard to support their families.  I have noticed the cost of living has gone up.  If I lived close enough to my job, I would sell my truck and walk.  Since I cannot do that, the cost of gas has forced me to make a decision between filling my truck to get to work or paying my student loans.  I want to take a moment to thank you for nearly doubling the interest on those student loans.  My empty bank account thanks you as well.  I hope you’re enjoying my taxes while I cannot break free of my personal debts despite my hard efforts.  This is the trending problem in America.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, all Americans are forever indebted to you, Mr. President.  You have bled this country so dry from taxes, inflation, gas prices, and interest rates, that people can no longer afford to achieve the American dream.  At my age, I have given up any hope of owning my own home; it’s no longer feasibly affordable (unless you’re a celebrity, a politician, or Donald Trump).  Due to medical issues, I may even have to give up my dream of becoming a mother, thereby giving my husband no hope of carrying on the family name.  There is no more freedom in the United States of America.  Her people have become enslaved to the government in an ugly, vicious cycle.

You’re destroying our country.  We looked to you for leadership.  We looked at you with HOPE.  Now there is nothing left.  This nation cannot continue as it has for the last number of years.  YOU are the only person with the power to make change.  I’m just a tiny drop in the ocean with a hope that you can hear me.  The people of the US are barely surviving.  YOU work for the people, remember?  YOU were elected by the people, remember?

Why are you not fulfilling your promises to US?  Why are we being made to suffer from bad government decisions?  I just don’t understand this.

As individuals, we are expected to take responsibility for our choices and actions.  We are held accountable by others when we make mistakes.  Why aren’t you and the rest of the government?  You should be ashamed of yourself and what this country has come to.

Why not help the working class with their burdens?  Be the leader you were meant to be.  Help those here at home achieve their dreams.  Make life a little bit easier for them, not more difficult with taxation and inflation.  Help those who are suffering and barely surviving with a place in this country.

Perhaps one day, HOPE will be restore in a nation that was founded on FREEDOM.


The broke taxpayer with debt

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to the President

  1. Who wrote this letter?
    Nicely done if it was you.
    Still don’t know your name, and I looked at the About Me section on your site here.

    I reblogged this on my site called

    Paulette L Motzko

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