Dashed Dreams

I really wish I could start a charity that focuses on infertile couples.  But the question would become, “How to choose who deserves funding and who doesn’t?”  I would never want to be the person who killed someone else’s dreams.

I am a bit disheartened about my dreams of becoming a mother.  We were not approved for medical financing today due to something that should have been removed from our credit report a few years ago.  Now we have to start the process of removing said item again and it could take months to make it go away.  This makes us $8,000 shy of achieving our dreams of having a child.

I’m hoping to raise those funds.  My brother suggested saving.  I’m all for that and we’ve done it.  Total costs of IVF are over $10,000.  It took us 3 years to save $2,000 and we’ve put that towards it.  My friend H is having an Origami Owl party on my behalf and donating a portion of the proceeds to us.  Another friend, C, is having a Scentsy party for us as well.  Hopefully we can get close to what we need between the two parties.  We’re also talking about selling nearly everything we have to make this dream a reality.

Now, let’s be realistic.  If we were living some place else, like MI or ND, and still making a CA wage, then we would be debt-free, living in our own house, and paying out of pocket for IVF.  Alas, that’s not what is happening here.  We live in CA and live paycheque to paycheque.  Almost.  For example, our wage is $5,000 per month.  Our living expenses AND debts come out to about $4,900 a month.  I work 2 jobs just to help pay my student loans.  That’s over $100,000.  People, do not take 12 years to earn your degree.  It’s not worth the debt.

So this is where we stand.  Asking me to save up is the same exact thing as asking me to wait to achieve my dreams of becoming a mom.  By the time we save up $10,000, I’ll be in my 50’s and it will be too late.

I’ve helped other couples on their journey to achieve their dreams.  I’m just hoping and praying that others will do the same for me.

Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky in Vegas!  (holding breath)

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