Let the tears flow…

My heart is breaking for a few of my friends today and I cannot stop crying for them.  I have “Let it Go” from Frozen running through my head.

Let it go

Let it go

Don’t hold it back anymore

Let it go

Let it go

So the tears are coming and won’t stop.  While I am crying and praying for them, I am filled with trepidation for my journey ahead.  I am taking the first steps (for the second time) today.  I have no idea what lies ahead but I have hope.  Maybe since I’m in a much healthier place, I have a chance to create a new life.

A friend is going to have an online Origami Owl party for me to help me raise funds for my journey!  I’m excited about that and hope to be successful with it.  Now, this doesn’t mean I haven’t saved or am dependent upon others to pay for things in my life.  I just think it’s really sad that for as many charities in this world, there is NOTHING to help infertile couples achieve their dreams.  There are charities for feeding hungry families, to stop child abuse, help countries rebuild after disaster, and clothing/food drives; however, there is nothing to help couples become parents.  Sure, there are adoption credits but those can only be done after the adoption is complete and taxes are filed for the previous year.  There is no assistance other than interest-bearing loans for prior to adoption.  Not everyone can foster either.  We can’t foster because we don’t have the proper living space – we live in a 1 bedroom upstairs condo.  So, my sweet friend is a blessing and I am truly appreciative of what she is willing to do for me!

Whatever the outcome of my journey is, I will be grateful and I will maintain my hope.

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One Response to Let the tears flow…

  1. Frozen was a really good movie. Disney has made a fine art out of plucking my heart strings.

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