Week 1 in Review

The menu planning bit is working for the most part.  I seem to lose track during the weekends.  I did slack off on the exercise because my schedule has been nuts.  I’m doing alright though and my clothes are a bit looser.

Sleep has been eh; work has been crazy busy!  Between the two jobs, I’m just going and going.

I got a new phone last week.  The lovely iPhone 5s.  Don’t judge!  I’m not waiting for 6 to come out because I don’t want to deal with any issues.  Apple has had 2 years to fix the problems so I should be good with my new phone.  As long as nobody comes out with 6G.

I have this wonderful friend who sent me a couple of surprises this past week.  I am so blessed to know her and I hope to meet her and her beautiful family next time I’m in Illinois.  She sent me a book and a Starbucks gift card.  The book is a devotional, and I cannot wait to start reading it!     devotionalbook1

I typically do not share religion or religious type stuff on my public venues.  I believe a relationship with God is a personal one and that opinions vary.  That being said, I do pray and read my Bible.  I’m working on finding a church but hubby and I disagree about congregational size (I like the largeness of Saddleback Church – you know, Rick Warren’s church!  Hubby like the tiny-ness of a friend’s church).

I joyfully drank a delicious cup of Teavana today with my gift card.  This lovely lady knows the way to my heart!  Again, I am deeply grateful and blessed to know her.

I’m back at it tomorrow.  I’m switching things up though by doing weight training M-W-F and running on T-TH-S.  Sundays are my off days.  I’m going to hold to my guns though with my eating.  Not weighing until I’ve hit the 30 day mark.  Clothes *ARE* looser!

Now, for something different.

Hubby and I discussed having children and trying fertility treatments again.  The bottom line is we do not want to feel like science experiments again.  That’s what the whole process felt like to us.  But, we are going to try again.  Money is another issue there; neither of us want to expend our time and money only to be hurt again.  The risk just might be worth in the end.  It’s all in God’s hands and that’s where we are going to leave it.

In what ways would you seek to raise the funds for IVF?  I have a friend who did a jewelry party and it helped to pay for her treatments.  I’d like to do the same but would I have the same support?


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3 Responses to Week 1 in Review

  1. I’d work more and save money in a box if I were in those shoes.

    • We’re doing that but a friend has offered to do a fundraising party for me and we’re going to do that as well. I can’t work more than I already am without my health suffering. I work about 60 hours per week.

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