What happened yesterday?

I got up, under the false impression that I was raring to go, at 5am.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  My whole body was weak with a dull ache radiating from head to toe.  I ate breakfast and skipped my workout.  I then proceeded to slowly and painful run some errands.  Like reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy slow.

I had to work the closing shift but of course, yesterday was a monument of slow, pain, and no motivation.  I was late for work but enroute to my job, I was whacked upside the head with a 2×4 (figuratively speaking!).  I had a migraine!  My vision was blurred horrendously but I managed to get off the freeway and onto a side street for the remainder of my drive.  I texted hubby right away and asked him to come get me in a few hours.

When he arrived, we went straight to the chiropractor’s office.  Chiro care helps my migraines more than chemical medicines.  I didn’t start feeling any relief until after I laid down though.  Aw the sweetness of being pain-free!

I’m feeling okay today.  There is some residual pain but that’s normal.

I’m working both jobs today but I get to go to Verizon and get my new PHONE!!!  I’m so excited!  I cannot wait!

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5 Responses to What happened yesterday?

  1. What phone are you getting?

      • Ah. I’m hoping the next iPhone is out when it’s time to upgrade or move on – else I might be considering a Samsung Galaxy!

      • When do you upgrade? My Apple friends say 6 is schedule for sometime in June but they’re still working the bugs out; they don’t want problems like with they had for the 5s when it first came out.

      • October is when we upgrade. That story your friends have is the same old story, but it’s hard to get something perfect on launch like that. Besides, June is still a couple of months out – they might have it knocked into shape by then. That would be alright because I hate waiting a long time for a new phone once I’ve ordered it. But we might switch our service to Straight Talk instead, so we’d have to buy our phones.

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