Helloooooo 5am!

I have to work one of my jobs this morning so I’m awake!

I must be allergic to 5am as I began to sneeze first thing.  That’s not what usually happens when I wake up.

My intent this morning was to go for a run, then I realized what time I needed to leave for work.  Then I seriously considered doing my core exercises.  Nope, not going to happen.  At least not before work.  I will do it after work.  I get off at 0830 so that will leave me plenty of time to do some food prep and get my long run in before I work my other job.

What am I doing then?  I’m eating a delicious, healthy breakfast with a mouthful of Sriracha.  The Sriracha is due partly to my brother and his lovely wife; I was thinking about them while I was in Target yesterday.  Hence, the Sriracha purchase.  How I got the mouthful was when I decided to open the damned bottle by removing the foil seal with my teeth.  Oh yes I did.  Pressure made the stuff come out of the bottle.  Tasty but a bit too much for 5am.

Breakfast is a simple egg sandwich on English muffin with Swiss cheese and Sriracha.  There’s also coffee (black with Truvia) and a cup of blueberries.  I’ll post a picture of my menu calendar later because I have to eat and leave.

I will get my workout in later, after work.  It will consist of a long run and some core work.  In the meantime, have a fantabulous day, everyone!

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