Hard Year

With the passing of my father in law, I realise that this year’s holidays will be the hardest of them all.  My mother in law will be alone; my husband might be able to come up to be with her but unfortunately, I have to work.  I have been told in no uncertain terms that since I am a manager and I work retail, I have to be in the store on Black Friday and the days surrounding Christmas.  Which I find rather amusing as we never have any sales those days!

The grief comes in spurts.  One minute she’s OK; a few hours later, he’s crying.  As for me, I’ve cried but only when I’m alone.  I need to be the rock for now and I’ll have time to cry later.

I’ve know Oliver since June 2005.  About 8 1/2 years.  During that time, I can’t remember him ever getting upset or angry or saying anything mean.  He always had a smile on his face and was always the first to hug me.  Darlene rarely hugged me until now.

He’s going to be cremated and then we are going to have a memorial later.

I have a few favourite memories of this great man.  I’ll share them when I can but for now, words escape me…

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One Response to Hard Year

  1. May you find peace. Times like these are tough. But somehow we get through them.

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