Eating, Drinking, and the Merryment that Ensues

Any time I’ve been eating or drinking, I’m a happy girl.

I had the opportunity to meet up with one of my east coast friends as she was working some of the college fairs here in California.  This is one incredible woman whom I had the pleasure of meeting in May 2012; we were on the trip of a lifetime, visiting Switzerland, Italy, and France.  She sang a duet with me during karaoke while in Lido di Jesolo (Venice).  Kiera is an amazing person, full of life and personality.  I can’t help but love her!

It was Tuesday evening when Kiera and I arranged to meet for dinner.  She brought another friend, Steven, with her (I love making new friends).  We met at BJ’s Brewery (dang, should have gone to Slater’s!).  As soon as Kiera came up, we hugged.  I lifted her up during the hug – she wasn’t expecting that!  I had never met Steven before but we quickly became friends.  The evening was spent laughing, joking, reminiscing, and enjoying the company.

Steven took a picture of me for his phone contacts and made a comment about how gorgeous my smile is.  I blushed!  Not an easy feat for me!  Then we laughed about my blushing and I could only say, “I don’t blush often but when I do, I do it with grace and style!”  So much like the Dos Equis man!  It was hilarious.

When I can get back to the east coast, I will make sure that I take an opportunity to see Kiera.  She is a gem and a joy to have in my life.  Steven lives closer and you can bet I’ll be going to L.A. to see him soon!

Today’s post brought to you by the Daily Prompt and the letter “M”.

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8 Responses to Eating, Drinking, and the Merryment that Ensues

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  3. Heather says:

    Sounds lovely. Sort of. I don’t like big groups or crowds. But I do enjoy good food 🙂

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