The Best of the Best

What defines modern culture?  With all the rapid changes of technology, would what we consider the “best” one minute be obsolete the next minute?  I’m not impressed with iOS7 but perhaps NASA should take an Apple iPhone on the new shuttle.  Now I’m thinking, who benefits from having the best of modern culture on board a spacecraft?  Don’t most spacecrafts go up then come down?  Wouldn’t having a time capsule make more sense?

I just don’t know about these things.

Perhaps some clothing, like Sean John or Lauren Conrad.  Although I don’t think there is anything special about their designs.  Maybe Vera Wang

[Cue power outage here]

Ok, so, I just got home from work and my first thought is to resume this blog.  Sadly, I have forgotten what I was attempting to write about.  I’m not thrilled about this.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe modern culture is not made of of things; perhaps it is the diversity of people that make up culture as we know it today.  The problem is that people cannot be placed in a time capsule.  Personalities cannot be bottled, only to be opened at a later date.  I would not object to a ride in a NASA space shuttle; would anyone?  What would scare me the most is to go through all the training required of anyone who is aboard a spacecraft and it blows up 73 seconds after lift-off.  Who can forget the space shuttle Challenger disaster?

I digress.  What makes up the “best” of our current culture?

This post is brought to you by today’s Daily Prompt and the letter “S”.

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3 Responses to The Best of the Best

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  3. Clothing? How about a fruit of the loom t-shirt?

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