While I was Away…

Did ya miss me?  I posted a few pics on Instagram but I will get around to posting some pics here.  Washington was GREAT!  It was such a blast.  I love being on the east coast.


Babies do not belong on red-eye flights.  Children under the age of, say 6, do not belong on red-eye flights.  Perhaps I am saying this because I do not have children (and will take some heat for it); however, if I were a parent, I would not choose to fly during a time that would be disruptive to not only my child’s sleep habits but also disruptive to other passengers.  The very young child behind my seat cried and kicked my seat continuously during the flight.  I was trying my hardest to be sympathetic to the situation but was very relieved when we landed.  The mother was trying to soothe two children – the other one had a horrible hacking cough (almost to the point of vomiting/dry heaving).  That’s my other point – Please be courteous of others when sick during a flight or in a small, confined space.  Why didn’t I say anything to her?  It was a very full flight (no open seats) and I didn’t feel the need to add to her stress.  Again, young children do not belong on red-eye flights.

End Rant.

Friday, my friend and I hit up a few of DC’s finest wineries.  We went to Barrel Oak’s tasting room, Greenhill Winery, and WillowCroft Winery.  I came home with a lot of wine!  A bottle of pumpkin liqueur also made its way into my luggage.  After the wineries, we met up with my friend Lizzie and her man at a Brazilian steakhouse.  I had never been to one so this was a real treat for me!  It was FAB-U-LOUS!  I definitely recommend it if you’ve never been.

photo (2)

Saturday, we went to the Holocaust Museum.  It was very sobering to be there.  The emotions that are invoked while viewing the artifacts, video, and photographs are extremely powerful.  After spending some time in the museum, we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial; this was followed by a walk to the Lincoln Memorial.  Both places were rather busy.  Full of people!  But that’s fine with me!  I got to see what I wanted.  We walked along the National Mall and saw the Korean War Memorial along with the Washington Monument (it’s in the process of being retrofitted for earthquakes – WHAT?!?  DC doesn’t really have earthquakes.  What a waste of tax dollars!).

photo (3)


The day walking around DC ended with a hockey game!  It was the Washington Capitals vs. the Columbus Blue Jackets!  The best part of the hockey game was the fight!

photo (4)

I also made a new friend at the game.  He’s a total doll!

Sunday was a lazy day of recuperating from the whirlwind two days.  My friend went to BWWs and hung out with Lizzie’s man; they watched a few football games while chomping on some wings and slugging beer.  I spent my time with Lizzie, walking around the mall and buying lipstick.  The guys met us at the movie theatre in time to watch Captain Phillips.  SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!

Alas, my trip was much, MUCH too short!  I miss my east coast friends!  I’ll do a photo blog once I get my photos uploaded.

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4 Responses to While I was Away…

  1. Mme Ross says:

    I can understand the theory behind taking children on a red eye, I remember reading a few times that it’s smart to take your kid during their normal sleeping times because they have a better chance of sleeping during the whole flight. Alas, you also can’t control when your kid is going to be sick and you need to get somewhere fast. Maybe they were going to a funeral or someone the family knew was very sick. Try not to be overly critical of a mama who needs to get her children someplace for whatever reason because she doesn’t know how it’s going to go and it’s more stressful for her than anyone else. Glad you had fun in Washington!

    • That’s precisely why I didn’t say anything to her. I saw her later in the airport and overheard that it was a “fun trip for her kids to learn about history”. It got more incredulous as the conversation went on. I also learned that she hadn’t brought any “fun” bags or cough medicine for her kids. I think that’s what bothered me the most after the fact.

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