Today, We Honor…

Let’s think about this for a moment…



Sure, people should be recognized and honored for certain things in life.  How do we determine what they are honored for?  As individuals, we are honored on the day of our womb liberation (thank you, Mme. Ross); this day comes once per year yet there are many who feel the need to be honored on a daily basis.

The Bible says we are supposed to honor our parents.  What does that mean exactly?  Do we hold a parade on their behalf?  I believe my grandparents had a huge 50th anniversary party.  Now that is something that should be honored in this day and age!

On a national (USA) level, we honor Veterans (November 11), Martin Luther King (January), Columbus (October), workers (Labor Day – September), pilgrims (Thanksgiving – November), Presidents (February), and Jesus’ birth (December).  In doing so, the government shuts down on those particular days.  We also honor America’s birth in July.  Me thinks ’tis just a ploy to keep a non-working government not working.

What should we honor people for?  Who decides these things?

Today’s post brought to you by the Daily Prompt and the letter “H”.


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