Untitled Creative Writing, part 2

I awoke to darkness, with tears dried upon my face.  My pillow was stained from the long bout; fresh tears did not avail often but when they did, they left my body exhausted and aching.  I felt someone in the room and rolled over.  Tony was sitting in a chair by the window.  I wasn’t sure if he was asleep or silently watching me.

“Hi,” he whispered softly.  In a blink of an eye, he was by my side.  I felt the warmth of his body as he wrapped his arms around me.  All I could do was crumble in his embrace.  My body was wracked with sobs; I felt safe in his arms.  This was my refuge and harbor.  I could face anything as long as Tony was by my side.  He held me and stroked my hair.  I couldn’t move.  I was gasping for air, requiring him to grab my inhaler.

“Sssshhhh…  Baby, it’s ok.  Relax, breathe.  I need you to breathe, love.”  He cooed in my ear.  He kissed my ear and neck, down to my exposed shoulder.  His kisses started a fire in my body, one that was difficult to extinguish.

“We can’t.  It’s not right,” I stammered.  I was not comfortable with idea of making love to Tony with all that was happening.  It was not the most ideal time; the alarm I set for David went off, indicating I needed to remove myself from the cocoon of Tony’s body.

Tony was my lover;  David was my incapacitated husband.


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