Don’t stop ’til ya get enough!

Sorry, the lyrics to the late Michael Jackson’s song, is what comes to mind with this Daily Prompt.

I have many addictions.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have an expiration date and often come and go in waves.  I wish I could squash the majority of my addictions, especially those of the edible variety.  I can honestly profess that I am not addicted to anything illegal – thank goodness those days are over – but I find myself frustrated with my inability to control my weaknesses.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

HA!  I welcome the pain.  I’m still a weakling though.  I crave salty, savory foods.  Bring on the charcuterie, cheese, chips, and Teavana.  Yeah, no more Starbucks for me (except when I’m on vacation and I have no other choice).  I’m planning to take some snacks with me on my next trip.  Almonds, salame, and my favourite cheese.  Along with some water.

I also think I’m addicted to youth.  I keep fighting my age progression every day.  Luckily, I’ve inherited some amazing genes that have helped me to retain a youthful appearance.  Everyone I encounter is floored by how young I look.  I definitely do not look my age (quiet!  I know some of you know how “old” I am!)

I just wish my addictions would take a much more healthy approach instead of causing me to quiver at the mere sight of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips.

This blog is brought to you by today’s Daily Prompt and the letter “A”.

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4 Responses to Don’t stop ’til ya get enough!

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  2. Mme Ross says:

    You and your brother really lucked out with looking so young, I fear that at 25, I’m starting to look older than the both of you 😉

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