Daily Prompt: The Clothes That Make Me Look Good

When I looked like this,

FatPhoto1I never cared about clothes.  It didn’t matter to me what I put on my body so long as it fit.  I never tried anything on in the dressing room either; that always left me guessing what size I truly was.  Clothes were not important to me at my heaviest.

While I was a teenager, clothes meant everything to me.  I wanted to wear the labels that the popular kids were wearing.  I wanted to put on Guess Jeans and Polo shirts and Tommy Hilfiger dresses.  It was only a pipe dream though.  Mom stuck to shopping at Kmart, the thrift stores, and more often than not: Her trusty sewing machine.

TeenMe1 (Sorry, bro. I had to show a pic of my teenage angst.)

I hated wearing hand-me-downs and homemade sewn projects.  I always ended up in clothes that were too “mature” for my young years.  I felt like June Cleaver or Donna Reed in some of those get-ups.  I remember being taunted for something my mother had made; I took it off immediately when I got home from school and never wore it again.  I was also bully and teased for wearing Kmart and thrift store clothes.  It did happen.  Bullying is very real.  I couldn’t let anyone see me cry though.

Today, I look more like this:

MeFormal (Christmas party – December 2012).  My taste in clothing has evolved tremendously.  I’m more picky about what I wear.  I don’t need to have high fashion but it does need to fit properly and be comfortable.  I believe that if your clothes are uncomfortable, you will outwardly express your discomfort.  I wore “tents” back in the day because I was not a happy person.  My unhappiness with my body showed in the clothes I wore.  Happily, at a much healthier size, I can wear just about anything off the rack at Macy’s or Nordstrom or Forever 21 or wherever I want.  My shopping as of late has been preferably at Old Navy, where the jeans fit me perfectly!

I work at a large men’s retailer; I had better know something about fashion!  Eh, never fear!  I have male coworkers that have helped me out with a lot of education and minor tweaking (not twerking!) when it comes to dressing in style.

And even more recently (plus proof I know the awesome and inspiring Mannings!)

IMG_1761 (Dang!  I look skinny!)

Today’s post is brought to you by today’s Daily Prompt and the letter “C”.


1. How Whimsical | The girl in the little black dress

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  6. A tip and a question:

    First, the tip: I keep forgetting to read your posts. If you put a follow blog widget in your sidebar then I can follow you by email and I will never forget to read one.

    Now the question: who the heck are the Mannings?

    Yours truly,
    Short Round

  7. One more tip: some of my pingbacks might be landing in your spam comments. Make sure you go in there and mark them as not spam or they’ll land there more frequently over time.

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