Deep Cleaning for the Visual and Impaired Soul

Clean house…  Well, I spent today cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, bedroom (can’t truly take credit for this as hubby did it), and got the laundry done.  Does that count?

It annoys me to no end that we have a storage unit outside of our home that we pay monthly for.  Most are not aware but my husband has an issue with letting some things go.  For example, we were in Target today and ran across a shirt from his alma mater.  It wasn’t his size but he really wanted to buy it simply because it said, “Fresno State” on it.  He went so far as to put it on; I still said no.  It was indeed too big for him.  Now, we have countless totes filled with…  I have no clue for most of it but I do know what is in a few of those totes.  I just wish we didn’t have so much stuff!!

I live in a society of materialism.  I wish I didn’t.  I’m perfectly content with my laptop, phone, and a few other gadgets.  But at the same time, I want certain material goods!

The goal is to whittle down my selection of clothing to a few choice pieces before I buy anything else new.  I cannot bring myself to get rid my sneakers after I’ve bought new ones.  I’m getting better at clearing out the physical crap in my life.  It’s my soul that needs a deep cleaning; preferably one with a more holy spiritual approach.

I come with some heavily rooted emotional baggage.  While I’ve cleansed myself of the majority of it, there is some residual elements that may never be resolved.  Sigh…  That is too heavy of a topic to get into at the moment.

With all the deep cleaning I have done, I am grateful to have emerged in such a fashion that my life is my own and I have not fallen victim to another’s actions.

I’ve just been told that I better go before I finish my beer.  ‘Tis wise as this blog could turn into a result of my imbibing of some tasty ShockTop (Honeycrisp Apple).

Today’s post brought to you by Daily Prompt: Clean House

How much clutter is too much clutter?

Daily Prompt:  Clean House

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4 Responses to Deep Cleaning for the Visual and Impaired Soul

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  2. BTW, I’m sure ‘getting the laundry done [especially on a Sunday!] does count as ‘clearing out’… 😮 Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia!

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  4. This blog post is overflowing with truth; and when it comes to shucking that husk of material nonsense I think back to what Mom used to say: “pitch it!”

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