Passing time…

Time is such a precious commodity!  Once it has passed, we can never retrieve it.  I used to believe that money was the most precious commodity one could have; as I grew older and gained a better understanding of life, I learned that money is a revolving cycle and that time was something that was spent.  How time is spent makes more of a difference to me than what I spend money on.

I would rather spend quality time with those I love than to do dishes or clean my house.  If you come over, I’ll make you a cup of coffee or bring out a bottle of my best wine and sit on the couch with you.  I don’t care if my house is a mess and I’m pretty sure, when you talk about that day you spent with me, you’ll be talking about how we sat on the couch and shared a bottle of Shawnee Winery (or Orange Coast Winery or Frangiapani, etc) red wine and talked about life.  You won’t remember the pile of laundry or that I hadn’t swept my floor.

That’s what I want my loved ones to remember about me – that I spent time with them.

I live rather far from my family so I make an effort to give them my undivided attention when I call.  My favourite calls are to my brother’s household, where I can see my sweet little niece on camera.  She is growing so fast and I often feel like I’m missing so much of her young life.  She won’t be one forever and children grow so fast!  We cannot get back those moments when I first held her – all I have is the picture and the memory.

My parents are getting older.  I’m getting older.  Those moments are being swept out from under us with every keystroke.  I want to make the most of my valuable time.  I want to remember the life I lived as time marches on.  Although I look forward to some things and want certain dates/times to arrive faster, I still make the best of what time I have.

At this very moment, 3 weeks from now, I will be on the east coast visiting some friends.  I am so excited!  I make this trip once every couple of years and cannot wait to be reunited with some of the new friends I made while on a European Vacation in 2012.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see everyone I want to see but the time I have will be spent wisely.

Please hurry and get here, October 17th!  Until then, travel at the speed of life!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.

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