The Grand Potato Experiment, Part 1

Like any typical male on the planet (except I’m female), I am a steak and potatoes lover.  Throw in some beer and life is alright.  I was at my local Sprouts a few days ago, and I spotted something different.  PURPLE sweet potatoes!  I have had regular purple potatoes but not a different varietal of the sweet kind.


My tiny, minute brain was swirling to formulate some sort of plan.  In front of me were mounds of sweet potatoes; they were beckoning me to pick them up, feel them, and inhale their delectable aroma.  I bought two of three kinds:  purple sweet, regular sweet, and garnet yams.  Yams are still in the same family but they are sweeter and moister than actual “sweet” potatoes.  Yams are also orange inside.

Those “sweet” potatoes on Mom’s kitchen table, the ones covered in toasted marshmallows, are actually yams.  Not to worry though!  They all taste delicious!

The first one we tried, was the purple.  I baked it in the microwave and ate it without any of the usual accompaniments.   It was purple throughout, as expected, but the flesh was rather fibrous and stringy the closer it was to the skin.  The skin was tough and not very tasty.  I was disappointed in the skin; the most nutritious part is purportedly found in the skin casing of a potato.

This morning, I made the regular sweet potato as a “breakfast potatoes” or hash, if you will.  I sauteed some garlic and red onions in a pan with olive oil; then added the diced sweet potato and cooked until the pieces were tender.  I did sprinkle some garlic granules and fresh ground black pepper on the potatoes.  Despite the savory spices, I could taste the sweetness.  The shape of the sweet potato pieces held up in the heat.

I haven’t tried the garnet yam yet.  I think that will be on tonight’s dinner menu.  I was thinking about a mashed yam.  I know that since I have one of each potato still to cook up, I’m considering putting the regular sweet potato into a beef stew of sorts and perhaps the purple one will be roasted with some other veggies.

Varietals are the spice of life, right?  Different isn’t always better though!

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  1. Nice post. Don’t look to me for tips, just keep writing and you’ll get better on your own.

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