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Daily Prompt: On the Road

I tend to take the road less travelled… Today’s post brought to you by today’s Daily Post prompt and the letter “T”.   Advertisements

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Deep Cleaning for the Visual and Impaired Soul

Clean house…  Well, I spent today cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, bedroom (can’t truly take credit for this as hubby did it), and got the laundry done.  Does that count? It annoys me to no end that we have a … Continue reading

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Still Learning

I’m so new to WP that I have not figured out how to do pingbacks and trackbacks.  Could someone please provide me with step-by-step instructions?  I do have them enabled in my settings.  I just don’t know how to do … Continue reading

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Time After Time

As I celebrate my 43rd birthday, I reflect on the days gone by.  I have lived so much, done so much, yet never quite enough.  I  sit back and watch my young daughter playing and think about how grateful I … Continue reading

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Passing time…

Time is such a precious commodity!  Once it has passed, we can never retrieve it.  I used to believe that money was the most precious commodity one could have; as I grew older and gained a better understanding of life, … Continue reading

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What language would you speak 100 years from now?

America is a melting pot and along with it, the verbal and written word are in a state of constant evolution.  What would I sound like 100 years from now?  How would I communicate my needs and desires to others … Continue reading

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Today’s Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

Good times in my household are typically celebrated with food.  I was recently promoted at work so my husband took me out to dinner.  We just had our 7th anniversary so we went wine tasting and finished the night with … Continue reading

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Work-Related Expressions

The onslaught of technological advances has been the rise and demise of many.  I have watched how social media has shrunken the world in which we live as well as performed irreparable damage.  One thing I have learned, with my … Continue reading

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The Grand Potato Experiment, Part 1

Like any typical male on the planet (except I’m female), I am a steak and potatoes lover.  Throw in some beer and life is alright.  I was at my local Sprouts a few days ago, and I spotted something different.  … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it. Fairness, is best defined by a person’s perception.  What I think is “fair” or “unfair” may prove to be the opposite by someone … Continue reading

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